Home News We’re Ready To Go Anytime The Order Is Given – ECOWAS Commissioner 

We’re Ready To Go Anytime The Order Is Given – ECOWAS Commissioner 

We’re Ready To Go Anytime The Order Is Given – ECOWAS Commissioner 


Princess-Ekwi Ajide  Abuja


The Commissioner of Political Affairs, Peace and Security of ECOWAS, Ambassador Abdel-Fatau Musah, says the ECOWAS standby force is ready for deployment anytime it is required of them.


The Commissioner, who gave the indication at the end of the crunch meeting of ECOWAS Chiefs of defense staff in Accra – Ghana, affirmed that the planning mission which started since the second of August has ended, and that various states are ready with accompaniment of the intervention which include strategic based capacity; strategic objectives, required equipment and commitment of member states which is very encouraging are ready.


According to him, all member states gathered at the meeting committed elements, their equipment, and own resources to undertake the mission.

This he says, signifies that they are ready to go anytime the order is given adding that the D-day has also been decided.


Commissioner Musah, noted that ECOWAS, is a rule based organization and that member states have signed on to certain obligations; that they would cede part of their sovereignty to the collective good of the people, including their national constitutions which the junta in Niger has flouted theirs.


He, however, said that military intervention, is not their preferred option; but because of the impediments the junta keeps putting in the way for peaceful settlements for restoration of constitutional order, it remains an option to explore adding that all the options are still on the table including mediation which they are still pursuing. And if the Junta responds positively to the requests of the Authority of heads of states and government there would be no need to deploy the military.


Ambassador Musah, asserted that ECOWAS is not against the republic of Niger as insinuated in some areas but all their effort is to ensure that Niger goes back to rule-based governance as a sister country.


He debunked any assertion that ECOWAS is being pushed by external forces to take this action indicating that it is their decision to tow the line if need be.


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