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Ohaneze Youth Council Accuses FG Over Non Implementation Of 3R’s Programme in Igboland

…Says: Referendum is not a call for war, but peace to recheck co-existence of a people

Ohaneze Youth Council has accused the Federal Government of Nigeria for not implementing the  3R’S programme of Reconstruction, Rehabilitation and Reconciliation that was introduced by Gowon military government after the civil war.

In a press release signed by its National President,  Comrade Igboayaka O. Igboayaka and made available to newsmen, the group said the 3R’s programme was effective in the Northern part of the country, noting  that non of such programme was carried out in Igboland.

The group urged the Federal Government to show proof of any Implementation of 3R’s programme in Igbo Extraction.

See full text of the press release below:

There’s Every Attempt To Resist Ndigbo To Be Part Of Nigeria By Those Singing The Song Of One Nigeria: Let Igbos Be Served With Referendum As A Breakfast- Igboayaka O Igboayaka*

The history of the genocide against Ndigbo since 54 years ago was subdued, in fact it was because of the genocide against Ndigbo history was banned in schools. But I quited from government secondary school and entered private school I did history.

Although the world history recorded the 1967-1970 event in Nigeria as Nigeria-Biafra Civil war, but in actual sense, it wasn’t a war but a calculated Genocide against Igbo Biafrans.

The Genocide was a conscious conspiracy to annihilate Igbos from the surface of the earth, like the holocaust against the Jews in 1945

As a student of act of war and history, the 1967-70 event was not just a war, but Nigeria Government in collaboration with British government committed a world recorded “Genocide against Igbos. It was not a war because they breached the principle/roles of war, they targeted and bombed civilians dominant areas like Markets, School’s and Churches in Biafra land. The starvation policy and blockage initiated by Chief Obafemi Awolowo led over One million Biafran kids into Kwashiorkor and death.

The first sign that confirmed that those singing the song of one Nigeria were resisting Ndigbo to be part of Nigeria was the introduction of the 3R’s, Reconstruction, Rehabilitation and Reconciliation. Yet none of the 3R’s was implemented in Igbo land or any part of Biafra land.

I challenge the federal government of Nigeria to show any implementation of 3R’s in Igboland or Biafra land. The genocide, carnage and destruction was done in Biafra land, but Reconstruction and Rehabilitation was done in the Northern and Western Nigeria.

Even immediately the Genocide ended in 1970 the victimization of Ndigbo started, 20 pounds was given to Biafrans irrespective of the amount of money the person has in the bank. So was this a face of Reconciliation to Igbo Biafrans? Was this a sign of reintegration of Ndigbo into Nigeria?

Fortunately, Ndigbo picked up the pieces of their life with only 20 pounds and went to the North and West, they economically, Politically desired to reintegrated into Nigeria, but those singing the song of one Nigeria Resisted and Rejected them.

From 1970 Ndigbo the only patriotic Nigerians started developing all the cities in Nigeria. Ndigbo built Lagos, Kaduna, Sokoto, Katsina, Ibadan, Abuja, Jos, Maduguri, Adamawa, Nasarawa and every other cities in Nigeria with 20 pounds, yet Igbos are being maltreated and Rejected in Nigeria.

Ndigbo have demonstrated spirit of patriotism in Nigeria more than any tribe, yet the worst form of Victimization and maltreatment are done against Ndigbo in Nigeria police force, DSS, Immigration officers, Army, Navy, Air force, Custom, some agencies and other institutions.

There’s always a different law for an Igbo person in any issue that concerns him or her in Nigeria.

The litmus test that shows that Ndigbo are resisted and rejected to be part of Nigeria is the 2023 presidential election where Peter Obi pulled all Nigerians to polling units, but the result was written and manipulated because Peter Obi is an Igbo man. In the history of Nigeria politics there’s no Nigeria presidential candidate that has more popularity and acceptability by common masses like Peter Obi. Peter Obi broke a history in Nigeria politics, the Poor Masses were freely contributed money and used their funds organized campaigns for Mr. Peter Obi. Those that have never voted in any election in Nigeria decided and enrolled in voters registration, obtained voters card and casted their votes to Mr. Peter Obi.

The presidential election Petition Tribunal changed the law, 25% votes for FTC was buried because it’s about an Igbo man.

Nigeria is like a football pitch at any time an Igbo player picked up the ball and lifted his leg to kick the ball to the goal post, the Referee will blow the whistle and changed the Goalpost.

Nigeria was structured by Britain to be a failed State, the more Nigeria is failing and collapsing the more Britain is developing and waxing strong, that’s why an Igbo man can’t be the president of Nigeria. An Igbo man becoming president of Nigeria is obstructing Neocolonialism in Nigeria. So Britain prefer power toasting from Hausa/Fulani and Yoruba to hold Nigeria under Political cum Economic hostage and salvitude

This is what Mallam Aminu Kano saw over 50 years ago and stated that ” the Movement of Nigeria is one step forward and two steps backward”

This is really the definition of Nigeria as it continue to deteriorating every year. The future of Nigeria is worst than the present today. Those crying for hard time should wait for another harder time if the present structure of Nigeria remain the same.

There’s only two options for the survival of Ndigbo in Nigeria; the First option is disintegration from Nigeria like the USSR. The Second option is regional Government. The second option is the temporary solution, but the first option is permanent solution. You can take this statement to the Bank.

It’s very easy and not a hard task to use leg to cross Atlantic Ocean but it’s a very hard and a life threatening risk to remain in Nigeria as an Igbo person.

Nigeria is a gold mining ground for Politicians who reports to Britain and her allies.

Nigeria Politicians are Sepulcher that shines outside but rotten inside.

There was no agitation of Igbos to Separate from Nigeria from 1970 to 1998, until 1999 when Bar. Raph Uwazuruike and Co formed Movement For Actualization State Of Biafra(MASOB). Unfortunately, Uwazuruike was arrested, Detained, tortured, silenced until Comrade Uche Madu took over the leadership of Movement For Actualization State Of Biafra(MASOB)

Nigeria Government thought it’s over until in 2012 Mazi Nnamdi Kanu the leader of Indigenous People Of Biafra(IPOB) came to limelight and became popular. If Ndigbo where not rejected and resisted to be part of Nigeria, Nnamdi Kanu wouldn’t have gathered such millions of defunct State of Biafrans as followers.

The crowd following Nnamdi Kanu defines the level of Marginalization, Victimization, Oppressiveness and Hate against Ndigbo in Nigeria.
To demonstrate the hate against Ndigbo Nnamdi Kanu was arrested in 2015 and released in 2017. In attempt to silence Nnamdi Kanu how they silenced Ralph Uwazuruike the mini-genocide against Ndigbo especially targeted at Igbos Youths in Indigenous People Of Biafra (IPOB), the operation Python Dance was launched and there was military attack at Afaraukwu Ibeku Nnamdi Kanu’s country home in an attempt to kill him, over 180 Igbo Youths were massacred under the supervision of Gov Okezie Ikpeazu and PG of Ohanaeze Ndigbo Worldwide Chief Nnia Nwodo.

It was blood dance in Afaraukwu Ibeku Umuahia, not a python dance.

The hate and victimization of Ndigbo continued by president Mohammadu Buhari led federal government of Nigeria in 2021 Nnamdi Kanu was abducted in Kenya and since then incarcerated in DSS dungeon.

SouthEast Geopolitical Zone has been a peaceful Zone in Nigeria but in order to demonize Indigenous People Of Biafra(IPOB) Owerri Prison break took place in 2021, immediately the then Inspector General of police Mohammed Adamu fingered IPOB before 24hrs of the incident.

With the incident and circumstances that surrounds the Jail break in Owerri we have not hide our feelings that then former president Mohammed Buhari sponsored the crime against the state in a desperate sinister move to satisfy International community to tagged IPOB a Terrorist organization.

Owerri Prison is located at about one minutes from Imo State Government House, three minutes to State Police headquarters and ten minutes to 34 Artillery Brigade Obinze, yet the Jail breakers committed this heinous crime about four hours, freed over 1800 inmates there was no reprisal attack from police at State headquarter, Armed prison officers, Security men with Machine Guns at Government house in addition to about two Army Generals that are living two minutes away to the Owerri Prison. And federal government told us it was done by IPOB. What a tale of moonlight!

We have not hide our feelings that former president Mohammadu Buhari sponsored unknown Gunmen in SouthEast to demonize IPOB and tagged them a Terrorist organization.

Former president Mohammadu Buhari must account for the carnage, Arson and destruction that took place in Southeast from event of Owerri Prison break in 2021 till date.

As regards Owerri Prison break there should be a forensic, scientific, pictorial evidence, demonstrative evidence, footage evidence, and all forms of investigation on the carnage that befall SouthEast the most peaceful Zone in Nigeria under President Mohammadu Buhari.

If Nigeria is a democratic country, if Nigeria was not created to victimize Ndigbo former president Mohammadu Buhari and former Attorney general of the federal Abubakar Malami should be arrested for questioning on the rains of bullets that took place in Southeast with the commission of Unknown Gunmen in their administration.

Nnamdi Kanu should be released unconditionally, any condition that’s opposite to the views of Millions of Youths Igbos and Pro-Biafrans will give rise to other agitators that will give birth to other Pro-Biafran groups that are more determined, focused, strategic than what we’re seeing in IPOB today.

There are millions of the likes of Mazi Nnamdi Kanu among the Igbo youths today watching with keen interest, if those singing for one Nigeria silence Nnamdi Kanu some Youths more fearless and courageous than Nnamdi Kanu will emerge.

Igbos are rejected in Nigeria and such chronic rejection will to give birth to a new country for Ndigbo. Ndigbo must re-unite now like the JEWS and build a nation. Ndigbo must realize now that their population is Nine times the population of Israel. Ndigbo will be far better than any country in Africa if they secede from this contraption called Nigeria. And they will lead other African countries to the path of Socio-cultural, political, economic and scientific development.

Referendum is not a call for war, it’s a call for peace to recheck co-existence of a people. Ndigbo need referendum.

Let Igbos Be Served With Referendum As Breakfast

*Comrade Igboayaka O Igboayaka National President General Ohanaeze Youth Council(OYC)*


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