Home News India High Commission Marks Unity Day In Abuja

India High Commission Marks Unity Day In Abuja

India High Commission Marks Unity Day In Abuja


Princess-Ekwi Ajide Abuja


Nations may be divided along diverse lines but unity leads to development, peace and love among citizens and the nation.


This was the case of Indians who got liberated owing to the determination of one man- Sardar Patel, whose actions brought about the unification of India.


According to reports, before Sardar Patel, regarded the architect of unification, India was divided into two territories by the British colonial masters.


The provinces were either directly governed by the British or princely states who recognise the British sizeranity in return for local autonomy thereby, further dividing the nation along religion, caste, region, language and culture.


In recognition of Patel’s role towards assisting the country retain its United identity, the government of India marks the thirty first day of October every year as the day of unity.


Observing this year’s unity day in Abuja, the High Commission of India, organised a solemn evening, showcasing the life and times of the country’s architect of unification and his efforts at unification.


Speaking with journalists at the event, the India High Commissioner in Nigeria, Siri G. Balasubramanian, said the India, Nigeria relations have remained strong after 64 years of cooperation between the countries.

The High Commissioner while pledging support to security in Nigeria through training and capacity building noted that owing to the security challenges in the country, India High Commission has taken some precautions according to the advisory of the federal government to ensure the safety of its citizens and workers.


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