Home Foreign News Israel Deliberately Reducing Amount Of Water In Gaza Strip…Palestine Envoy

Israel Deliberately Reducing Amount Of Water In Gaza Strip…Palestine Envoy

Israel Deliberately Reducing Amount Of Water In Gaza Strip…Palestine Envoy

Princess-Ekwi Ajide

The Ambassador of the State of Palestine to Nigeria, Abdullah Shawesh says Israel as part of its long-standing policies against the Palestinian people everywhere in the Occupied Palestinian Territory, including East Jerusalem, and its clear practices of Jewish supremacy, is using pre-planned and systematic thirst policy in its genocidal war against the afflicted Gazans, as well as against Palestinians in the West Bank.

A report issued by B’tselem, the Israeli Information Center for Human Rights on the Occupied Palestinian Territory, emphasised that the Israelis including the settler consume 247 liters of water per day compared to 82.4 liters per day for the Palestinians in the Occupied West Bank.

Meanwhile the average daily consumption of water of the Palestinian communities that are not connected to the water grid is 26 liters per person. 92% of the Palestinian on the Occupied West Bank store water in tanks to counter the chronic water shortage.

Citing the Euro-Med Monitor, in addition to imposing famine, Israel is deliberately reducing the amount of water available to residents of the Gaza Strip — especially potable water sources —and destroyed of over 700 wells and water desalination plants since the start of the ongoing genocide intentionally targeting the over 2.3 million people who live there as part of its ongoing genocide, since last October. Estimates show that since October 2023, the per capita share of water in the Gaza Strip has decreased by 97% due to the extensive destruction of water infrastructure by Israel.

Today, the lack of drinking water in the Gaza Strip has become a matter of life and death, with residents currently being forced to drink unclean and contaminated well water.

The Ambassador said this is the appropriate time for the international community to use its diplomatic, economic, legal and political influence to put real pressure on Israel, to end its continued disregard for international law, and for Western countries, especially, to exercise the law enforcement rule, they usually do over the countries of the South


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