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Imo Community On Verge Of Extinction Over Deplorable State Of Road  …Calls on IMSG for urgent intervention

Cross section of the leaders of Ubakuru Mbieri. Pix by Everest EZIHE, Mbieri.

From Everest Ezihe, Owerri

It’s very worrisome, that an agriranian community like Ubakuru Mbieri in Amaike Mbieri autonomous community in Mbaitoli Local Government Area of Imo State is now on the verge of being cut off, from the rest of the world, following the deplorable state of their major entrance and exit road, Known as Iho – Ubakuru – Orie Mbieri Road that cut across so many communities in the State, and Imo State government seems unperturbed.

Addressing news men over the weekend, at Duruaku village, the ancestral compound of Nze Jonathan Amaechi, a 91 years old London trained Structural Engineer, a cross section of the community leaders, described the road as ” a death trap and a journey to hell” even as they extolled, the benefits accrued from using the road and decried the socioeconomic losses they have incurred since the age long eyes sour status of the road.

Nze Jonathan Amaechi, an elder statesman and frontline community leader expressed disappointment that Imo State government has neglected the road despite its socioeconomic importance, to the State and the nation at large.

” If there’s any mishap along the ever busy Akabor – Okigwe or Akabor – Owerri express road, this Iho-Ubakuru-Orie Mbieri by pass becomes the only rescue route for motorists plying the expressed road, it’s more annoying that this road has been in this deplorable condition since I came back from England in 1974, today, it’s simply a death trap courtesy of Imo State Government non chalant attitude on things concerning over 100,000 persons making use of the road.

“Tell me, is there anything we have not done to attract government attention on the state of the road ? . All we receives is government upon government lips service promises. It’s even more annoying, the extent politicians have used our hopes and confidences to play politics on the road. It’s disheartening that the people we see and call our leaders could make a promise and will never fulfilled it. What then makes you a leader ?” he queried.

Amaechi however, pointed out that all about life is hope, “be that as it may, we are appealing to Governor Hope Uzodimma, to cement his name and his administration in gold by given this road a priority reconstruction and rehabilitation, history and posterity will forever beckon unto him”.

“Our people usually sighs with hiccups each time we are about going out or coming in, for the mere fact, that we are going to make use of the road. We are passionately sending SOS(Save Our Lives) message to Imo State government. Owelle Rochas Okorocha, former Governor of Imo State made a firm promise to uplift the road and even Rt. Hon. Emeka Ihedioha, non of them was gentleman enough to fulfill their promises.

The elder Statesman lamented that, “as it’s right now, we have been caught off from the rest of the world even as we’re barely 10 minutes drive to Owerri, Imo State capital city, am 91 years old, I feel frightening and threatening each time, I remember going out or coming in because of the State of the road especially during the raining season” he cried out.

Mr. Chibuike Anyaegbu, a patriotic son of Duruchukwu village in Ubakuru Mbieri community, and a Kogi State based expert in Information Technology, IT decried the deplorable state of the road which he lamented to have unleashed hardship to the people.

According to him, ” the community schools within and around the areas, are no longer easily accessible, causing students loitering around during school hours. Moreso,most teachers posted to the schools within the areas, lobby seriously to be reposted, due to the state of the road, that have often been described by users as journey to hell. Ironically, this have encouraged truancy and anti social vices among the youths.

“Honestly, it’s really a big shame that under the 21st century, an agriranian community like Ubakuru Mbieri doesn’t have an ease of transportation to other communities, except the usage of bicycle, motorcycle or pedestrian, from all intents and purposes this is not only causing us mental frustration, but also triggers emotional annoyance and devastation.

“The community has been isolated from the rest of her neighbouring communities, thus unduly separately members of the community from the rest of their kin and kiths. This is emphatically, too bad for a comfort. The community farmers have equally been subjected to a lot of restrictions and difficulties of accessing outside markets.

“This is discouraging and Imo State government should please help the people to breath fresh air by as a matter of urgency embark on reconstructing and rehabilitation of this all important road. It’s the uttermost desire of every Ubakuru Mbieri son or daughter for the road to be motorable” he also appealed.

Mr. Obinna Amaechi, the home chairman of Ubakuru Mbieri Development Town Union, UDTU spoke on behalf of the President General of the community, Engr. John Bosco Ike, as he described the state of the road as “an eye sour and terrible situation”.

Amaechi alleged that Imo State government is deliberately neglecting their community in terms of government infrastructural developments and institutional presence, lamenting that politicians and agents of the State government only remembers them during campaigns and elections.

“They have made to us, so much political promises for the upliftment of the road, but surprisingly, it always ends up as lips service promises. It was about 40 years ago, we saw poorly rated surfaced dressed tarred on the road, since then, that the road is still passable is purely due to communities efforts using their youths and resources”.

The community leader probably out of annoyance further re-described the Imo State government road as a death trap, noting that the road is a straight route from Ubakuru Mbieri to Orie Mbieri to Achi Mbieri to Ubomiri Orlu Road to Amakohia with out assessing Okigwe Road axis and from the back side of road using Ubakuru Mbieri as a starting point, you will get to Eke Iho Dim Eze – Eke Atta, these are major markets in the State then to Inyishi to Amaimo to Abor Mbaise.

“You can now see that the road is critical to the State and the nation at large, yet the State Government feels unperturbed despite frantic efforts to draw their attention, it has seriously effected our farmers from selling their produce to other communities and metropolis due to lack of accessibility”.

He reiterated the need for Imo State government to give the road a priority upliftment attention and that they will be glad to attest of being beneficiary of Shared Prosperity and 3R administrative mantra democratic dividends.

Amaechi also revealed that the situation is making over 20,000 of their registered voters to think of having voting apathy and further informed that the some of the people are equally threatening to boycott subsequent elections in the State and in the country, claiming total neglect and marginalization as their pivot reasons.

The community leader, however,commended Governor Hope Uzodimma for doing massive but quality road networks within the State but advised him to give Iho – Ubakuru Mbieri – Orie Mbieri Road priority attention because of its uniqueness and significance.

In his contribution, Mr. Sydney Louis Ihentuge, the community Youth leader re-echoed what the community has been suffering due to the state of the road .

Ihentuge who hails from Umuagwuruorie village applauded the community youths and some of their philantropic kins men for their regular supports in making the road at least passable, and re-solicited the need for the State Government immediate intervention so as to alleviate the sufferings of the people.

Mrs. Lizzy Akobundu ( Mum Uzo), a woman leader from Duruonyeoma village and the Secretary Duruonyeoma Women Association said that she got married to the community about 25 years ago and that since then, till now, the road has been on deplorable status.

“it’s an eyesore that about 25 years ago, the road was in a deplorable status and still now the road is worst off and Imo State government seems unperturbed. This is real worrisome and quiet disheartening. Any vehicle that plys this road is subject to damage due to potholes and valleys. The peoples health are equally under serious threat due to dusty environment during dry season, especially people with respiratory issues.

“Our socioeconomic activities have been strangulated and people are facing untold hardship. There have been series of motorcycle accidents on the road, I have even been a victim due to meandering and galloping. Most of the accident victims, suffered severe injuries that often cause permanent disabilities. I witnessed a situation were a pregnant woman after plying on the road incessantly enter a premature induced labour, she gave birth to a stillborn but the good news is that she did not die and there have been similar reported cases like that, especially when it rains.

“It’s always a nightmare once it rains, because so many people will be stranded, no motorcyclist will like to ply the road but those who dares the challenges, arrogantly charges more than 500% of the normal fare.

“You need to imaging the kind of pains and trauma our people passes through once it rains, because of the bad road for them to get to their destinations.

She passionately re-appealed to Imo State government for an immediate intervention and advised the community on the need for unity and brotherly love.

Akobundu also canvassed on the need of holding leaders accountable to the people and ensure that they embarked upon programmes and policies that are beneficial to the populace.

Adding his voice, Chief Angus Akanwa, JP retired Director of Works in the State Local Government Service Commission, informed that he is conversant with the road and its importance to the communities and motorists, informing that during his service years, around 1987 that the State Government made efforts to tarred the road but only succeed in just doing a kilometer, that’s from Eke Iho – the old Headquarters of Ikeduru LGA Secretariat and other areas where mainly surfaced dressed and since then nothing else has been done by the State Government and its agencies despite litanies of promises.

Akanwa who hails from Durujiocha village also passionately appealed to Imo State government to look into the road issue, while lauding Governor Uzodimma for his administration’s legacy projects and massive infrastructural developments which he insisted as second to non since the creation of the State.


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