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Imo LG Elections: PDP, LP, APGA Members File Behind Dr. Onuoh  For  Aboh Mbaise Council Chairman

By Onuchukwu Hamilton.

A well improved Aboh Mbaise LGA that is anchored on the shared prosperity philosophy may be actualized as a reference template if the LP and the PDP members of the area did not change their recent decision to unanimously support their APC brothers in electing as the Council Chairman, Hon, Dr. Vitalis Onuoha who has been an apostle of Governor Hope Uzodimma since the past ten years.

The mathpolitical approach to ensure that Dr. Onuoha wins overwhelmingly, came to the knowledge of roving journalists during a political meeting which was organized last Saturday at the aspirants village in Uvuru by Party Ward Excos and members. It was a well attended session that was used to fan the embers of Dr. Onuoha as all the presented endorsement speeches by the various party leaders at event, summarily affirm him as the most beautiful bride.

During their submissions, a strong leader in Aboh, Chief George Ikenna stated that himself was duely prepared to campaign for the same position, but voluntarily dropped the ambition when it became obvious that the people of Aboh pleaded for Dr. Onuoha to go and serve them as their Council Chairman. According to him, Dr. Onuoha is approachable and accessible . He was a Special Adviser to the Governor on Development Centers.

He championed the second term flag off ceremony of the Governor in the area. He is a patron of Imo Hope for Good Governance and a leadman for the NewDown political movement.
Fieding questions from journalists on his election campaign agenda, Dr. Onuoha declares that if elected as the Council Chairman, he will not touch any kobo from the council nor fail Governor Uzodimma on the confidence reposes in him. In his words ” I will practically show my people the true meaning of the ‘ Shared Prosperity Philosophy of Governor Uzodimma by linking the efforts of the people to those of the government as to improve our economic and social condition here in Aboh”.

He further assured that actions will be taken on several fronts simultaneously in an integrated manner to break the vicious circle of poverty in the rural sector. Proper mass motivation and discipline, he stated, can only be guaranteed in Aboh Mbaise when the people share a common feeling of real development process which they perceive to be in their interest.


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