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Don raises alarm over desecration of societal values …Calls on stakeholders to rise up now

From Everest Ezihe, Owerri

Prof Obiekwe Nwanolue, MON has raised serious alarm on the level of desecration of the societal moral values by the Nigerian youths, saying if unchecked now, that in the next 10 years or less, the nation will be likened to countries without norms nor moral values and called on the relevant stakeholders in the country to rising up against the challenges, and tackle the causes headlong.

Nwanolue who’s a Senior Lecturer at Daddy Hezekiah University, Umudim in Nwangele Local Government Area of Imo State expressed worries while addressing Journalists in Owerri, Imo State capital on the state of the nation and the ways forward.

According to the Erudite Scholar, “It is flagrantly unfortunate and fundamentally disappointing that some of the core values, norms and cultural orientations African nations are known for, particularly Nigeria and especially the Igbo ethnic nationality are gradually diminishing in geometrical progression.

“Indecent dressing is now the stock in trade among most of the teenagers and youths in primary and secondary schools including tertiary institutions. This eyesore moral decadence seems to be predominant in most of the schools in Onitsha, Anambra State of Nigeria.

“It is a known fact that institutionalization of core behaviours begins with good moral upbringing by parents at home, religious bodies and schools but it seems some parents are failing in this crucial responsibility of given proper guidance to their wades and children, especially with regard to decent dressing among the females.

“A situation where female students exposes their inner wears and sensitive parts of their bodies is morally wrong and condemnable.

“Well coordinated efforts should be fostered by parents, religious organisations and schools to arrest the ugly trend now. The male counterparts should also be guided on proper dressing codes, ensuring trousers are firm on their waist, maintaining decent dressing and responsible way of life” he passionately advised.

He pointed out that Igbo nation has a know history of good moral strength and disciplined cultural behaviours and as such, all efforts must be put in place to ensure sustenance of such great values for which they are known for and the time to do so is now.


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