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Ohanaeze Youth Council calls to support creation of Anioma State, rejects Orlu, Etiti

The Ohanaeze Youth Council, which stands as the youth wing of the Apex Socio-cultural Igbo Organisation, the Ohanaeze Ndi Igbo, has called on the people to reject the initial call for the creation of Orlu and Etiti states from the South East region and instead support the creation of Anioma State, as moved by Senator Chinedu Nwoko, otherwise known as Sen. Ned Nwoko, representing Delta North Senatorial District .
This disclosure was made known to the media through a press conference organised by the president of the Ohanaeze Youth Council, Igboayaka O. Igboayaka, in Owerri, recently.

The Ohanaeze Youth Council through her president submitted that the creation of the Anioma State would bring about the balance in the number of the existing states in the geopolitical zones of the country., stating that such would help to solve the overt marginalization of the South East and as well encourage egalitarianism. The body frowned at a situation where other geopolitical zones had Six states, excluding North West with seven states and leaving behind South East with only 5 states.

The Youth Council commended Senator Nwoko for sponsoring such a Bill at the Senate, maintaining that it was done in the spirit of fairness and creation of equal opportunities in the nation building, which would encourage the arousal of interest of South – Easterners..
The Youth Council equally used same channel to advise members of the National Assembly not to oppose the sponsored Bill by Senator Ned Nwoko for the creation of Anioma state, maintaining that it would propel the promotion of national unity, integrity, equity and fairness, stressing that the creation of Orlu or Etiti state could not add any benefit to the Eastern region .
The body opined that it was the proponents of Anioma state that would accurately spur selflessness, equity and fairness, as compared to the proponents of the creation of Orlu or Etiti state from the South-East, which majorly comprised Orlu Zone, parts of Anambra, Abia, Enugu and Ebonyi states.
The council also reaffirmed that the creation of Anioma state could serve as the only solution to solve the Ethnic- induced crisis in Edo and Delta states, because of its ability to end the resulted crisis of ceding some micro ethnic groups to the large ones in one state.

The Youth Council re-echoed that the ceding of parts of Ndoni in Rivers state, Ukwuani axis in Delta State, Idumodin Ottah, Ute-Oheze, Ugo, Igbanke, Iruegbede, Evbobanosa, Oza, Ogan, Oheze, Idumiru in Edo state into the new Anioma state, was very reasonable in all ramifications. Also meant to be included in the said state was a whole Delta North Senatorial District. The ohanaeze Youth Council therefore called on the proponents of Orlu and Etiti States to terminate their own Bill and lend their support for the actualization of Anioma state.
They also appealed to the traditional rulers and leaders of Igbo extraction to support Senator Ned Nwoko on his demand.

The Council concluded that another opportunity has come for South-East in respect to the creation Of Anioma state to solve the equity problem which Mazi Nnamdi Kanu was crying for over the years, which eventually landed him into arrest and detention.

See text of the Press conference below;


*The Ohanaeze Youth Council rejects the creation of Orlu and Etiti States while, at the same time, urges the proponents of Orlu and Etiti States to support the birth of ANIOMA STATE*

In line with the hallowed traditions and/or principles of equity, justice and fairness, the apex socio-cultural youth organization of Ndigbo, the Ohanaeze Youth Council (OYC) has lent its support, in commendation, to the Dist. Senator Prince Chinedu Nwoko known as Ned Nwoko, representing Delta North senatorial district, for the well articulated bill seeking for a creation of an additional State in the southeast geopolitical zone, in the country, to balance out politically.

The above is steeped in the foundation of egalitarianism especially in consideration of the empirically clear political marginalisation of the southeastern part of Nigeria in terms of the number of States thereat being only geopolitical zone in the country with only five (5) States imbalance in contradistinction to the six (6) States hitherto maintained by the other geopolitical zones in Nigeria save North West with seven (7) Seven States.

Thusly, the said Dist. Sen. Nwoko, in the spirit of fairness with views of nation building, through the bill, has re-echoed again, in Nigeria, at the National Assembly, the need, as well as the whyness thereof, for a creation of more States in the country, particularly to create an additional State in the southeast which would goad the political spirits, aspirations and/or interests of the southeastners in the political affairs of Nigeria with balanced political geometry for equal opportunities.

It is within the believability of the Ohanaeze Youth Council, therefore, that any progressive and patriotic Nigerian, particularly, within the high echelons of might, power and positions as a member of National Assembly selflessly seeking for the good of the already fragile country, Nigeria, should not wring his or her hands with muted mouth against the bill but to support same as a means to promote national unity, integrity, fairness and equity as the creation of an additional State, to be known as and called ANIOMA State, as opposed to ORLU or ETITI State, should not be seen as portions of regional benefits.

Injustice, with a play of lack of political equality and/or equity is ravaging Nigeria more like a tornado and this, majorly, accounts for reasons why Nigeria is a sinking glory, plunging into an apology of the country our heros past wanted her to be. The creation of Anioma State is undoubtedly a rescue mission to place Nigeria on the pedestal of political balance.

Among the proponents of creation of an additional State in southeast, like the proposed Orlu State which comprised Orlu zone, parts of Anambra and Abia States, and the proposed Etiti State comprising parts of Imo, Ebonyi, Enugu, Abia, and Anambra States, only those favouring, in championship, the creation of Anioma State wear the sacred garbs of selflessness, equity and fairness.

Besides, it’s obvious that part of ethno-political crisis in Nigeria is as a result of ceding some micro ethnic groups to a large ethnic groups in one State. Therefore the creation of Anioma State, considering its geograph, dynamics of socio-political behaviours in the area as well as ethno-cultural topology thereof, is a blue print and anti-dote that will settle ethnic crisis in Edo and Delta States.

It’s reasonable, logical and a peaceful political dovetail and/or marriage to cede parts of Ndoni people in Rivers State that link to Ukwuani axis of Delta State and the following communities in Edo State such as Idumodin, Ottah, Ute – Oheze, Ugo, Igbanke, Iru egbede, Evbobanosa, Oza, Ogan, Oheze, Idumiru and others including the whole Delta North senatorial district to form the new State called Anioma State.

The Council is aware that the creation of the six (6) geo-political zones in Nigeria were not entirely carved out on the considerations based on their geographic locations but rather on the States with similarity of ethnic groups and/or common political history at play in the same zone. Therefore it falls within the principle of geo-political creation in Nigeria that the proposed component of Anioma State has the same ethnic groups and same political history, consciousness and/or we-feelings with other States in the southeast.

The birth of Anioma State to the southeast family will build zonal equity as same would go a long way to address the deplorable issues of marginalization of southeast zone.

It’s historical that part of agitation in the Southeast on self-determination by Pro-Biafran groupings is because of political marginalisations and lack of unequal distributions of political structure and benefits with annoying recurring ethno-political short- changes against the Southeasterners. The creation of Anioma State fall in line with the justice of salvaging the mess with every equity and fairness and it’s most strategic means to address the agitation in the southeast with genre of promotion and sustainability of unity in the area.A

t this juncture, Ohaneze Youth Council calls on the proponents of Orlu State and Etiti State to abort their bill with abandonment on the ground of lack merit and garner their support to Dist. Sen. Ned Nwoko for the actualization of ANIOMA STATE.

The same call is hereby made and/or extended to all progressive Igbo political leaders of various facets including the traditional rulers and leaders to rally round in support to Dist. Sen. Ned Nwoko for a successful creation of Anioma State.

With echo voice, relatedly moreso, the apex youth Council calls on Hon. Ugochinyere Michael Ikeagwuonu, also known as Ikenga Ugochinyere and Co to withdraw the bill seeking to birth Orlu State and join Dist. Sen. Ned Nwoko, in the the labour room, for a successful delivery of the new baby state to be called ANIOMA STATE.

Ohanaeze Youth Council, therefore, state that from henceforth anyone presenting, debatimg for and/or pushing for the creation of Orlu State or Etiti State bill at the National Assembly does so at his or her peril and without the mandate and/or supportations of the Igbo youths/Ndigbo and such person(s) or group(s) are is(are) the enemy(ies) to the southern Nigeria and southeast, in particular.

To finality, therefore, it is the Council’s appeal to everyone, particularly the patriotic honourable members in the North, Middle Belt, Southwest, and South-South to see the creation of Anioma State as a regional Political balance and national equity to calm down the rate of agitation in Southeast.

Gentlemen of the press the only crime Nnamdi Kanu committed is because he is asking for equity for his people. Such opportunity for equity has come. The creation of Anioma State is part of the equity that would relieve the agitation in Southeast for a peaceful co-existence.

Comrade Igboayaka O. Igboayaka.
National President.

Comrade Ifeanyichukwu Cedric Nweke.
Secretary General.
22nd June 2024


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