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Emulate The Catalans of  Spain : Fiery  Catholic Priest Fr. Magnus  Ebere  – E-Dey Work charges IPOB. ..  Urges them to drop sit at home,  attract development, investments to South East


The Spiritual Director of the Canaanland Adoration Counselling Centre a k a E-Dey Work in Onicha Ezinihitte Mbaise Local Government Area of Imo State, the Rev Fr Dr Magnus Ebere, SDV has called on the purveyors of the Indegeneous People of Biafra to emulate the Catalans of Spain by embracing development and attracting investments in the South East of Nigeria.

Fr Magnus Ebere (E-Dey Work) who gave the advice while the congregants at the Adoration ground in Onicha said that the Catalans of Spain fought for independence nation from Spain, they could not get, they retreated and decided to develop Cataly. He said that today, Cataly is the most developed region in Spain to the point that all other parts of Spain are jealous of them.

Fr Magnus Ebere said that since the Sit At Home directive has failed to yield the desired result, the leaders of the IPOB should change tactics by finding out what the Catalans did to become the envy of others. He noted that the Sit At Home has ended up causing untold hardships in the South East, destroyed businesses to the extent that most investors have relocated to other neighbouring States or zones. It has also resulted to many deaths in the zone.

The fiery Catholic Priest said that the Ambazonians in Cameroun who started the Sit At Home have never, rather things became worse for them. He appealed to IPOB Leaders to rather than declare May 30 every year a day of Sit At Home, they should DECLARE IT A DAY OF CELEBRATION WHEN THEIR PEOPLE RESISTED OPPRESSION FOR THREE YEARS FROM NATIONAL AND INTERNATIONAL WORLDPOWERS. Such a day should be a day of joy and not killings he said.

Fr Magnus Ebere who said that if the IPOB Leaders and members adopt the Catalans approach, he will be at the front of it and many people will support them. He said that no group of people fights or struggles for freedom by destroying and killing themselves at home. They carry their struggle to those holding them down. He maintained that development and investments in the South East have completely gone down while unemployment and hunger have gone up. He called on the Tinubu administration to release Nnamdi Kanu as others who committed more grievous crimes, treasons have been freed.

Fr Magnus Ebere advised them – IPOB Leaders to embrace sanity and ensure that peace reigns in the South East observing that ‘your enemies will always be happy when you are killing yourselves and destroying your investments.


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