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Service Of Songs In Honour Of Late Ichie Chukwu Idam Chukwu In Abuja

Service Of Songs In Honour Of Late Ichie Chukwu Idam Chukwu In Abuja


It was a moment of gratitude to God for a life well spent as a Service of Songs in honour of Late ICHIE Chukwu Idam Chukwu was organized by the family at the Presbyterian Church of Nigeria, First Parish, Abuja.

The Service of Songs was well attended by dignitaries from all works of life to honour and pay their last respect to late ICHIE Chukwu Idam Chukwu.

In his words of exhortation titled ” dimension of grace” Reverend Joseph Eton extolled the good virtues of late ICHIE Chukwu Idam Chukwu adding that he has completed his chapter in this world and has finished well.

He enjoined the congregation to acknowledge the grace of God in their lives and never to abuse the grace upon their life so that they could finish well in life.

He prayed that the good Lord would grant them the grace to bounce back, finish well and be remembered in life.

“You need to grace finish well in your matrimonial home, you need grace to finish well in your jobs, businesses and you would never be disgraced in life”

Taking his from 2 Timothy verses 4-8, Ecclesiastes Chapter 7-8 he concluded by saying that one needs seven principles to finish well in life and these includes; be conscious of a finished life, select your battle, avoid the avoidable,be gracious with your words, acknowledge the grace of God in life and don’t abuse grace of God in your life.

In his presentation, Mr Iyke Chukwu the eldest son who spoke on behalf of family in his tributes described the late father as a beacon of love and kindness, radiating warmth wherever he went.

“Today, we honour not just a father, but an educator whose passion ignited the flames of knowledge in countless hearts, illuminating pathways to brighter futures. His commitment to education wasn’t merely a profession; it was a calling, a sacred duty to nurture minds and sow seeds of wisdom” he noted.

Adding that his late father’s legacy is not measured in accolades or achievements, but in the countless lives he enriched and the enduring impact he left behind.

Chief Elder Agbai Ogba, a Principal partner in DICON an organization they set up after retirement. He described Ichie CIC as an upright, honest, God fearing man, who after so many years surjourn in the north did not allow his position as Deputy Director Planning and Development affect or change him.

According to Elder Ogba, Ichie CIC was instrumental to the planting of most government and private Schools in FCT and government schools in the northern axis stretching from Sokoto, to Kebbi, and Niger State.

In conclusion he said ” in this solemn moment, as we gather to bid farewell to a remarkable soul, we pay tributes to a man whose life was a testament to the transformative power of education and boundless capacity of love.

As we bid farewell to our beloved father, let us carry forward his legacy of love and learning, knowing that though he may no longer walk amongst us, his spirit will forever live on in the hearts of all those he loved and those who loved him in return.

Rest in peace, daddy, see you on the right side of heaven one day”.

Highlights of the occasion includes; presentation by the Presbyterian Women, men, Anthem by First Abuja Parish Choir and first grand daughter, Ms Sharon Akuboh.

Ichie Chukwu Idam Chukwu is survived by 7 children including Ikechukwu Chukwu Idam, Patience Ude Chukwu Odemene, the Publisher Weekenders Magazine JCIN Amb Joy Omagha Idam, Engr Michael Chukwu Idam, Chi Chukwu Idam, Benjamin Chukwu Idam and Ikenna George, 9 grandchildren, great grandchildren and a host of relatives an older brother and three sisters to mourn him.


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