Home News FG To Create Over 40 Million New Employment Opportunities In Two Years

FG To Create Over 40 Million New Employment Opportunities In Two Years

FG To Create Over 40 Million New Employment Opportunities In Two Years

Princess-Ekwi Ajide  Abuja

The Federal Government of Nigeria says the Executive Order No. 5 has the potential to create over forty million new employment opportunities in two years and complement other efforts in curbing the effects of fuel subsidy removal on the populace.

Minister of Innovation, Science and Technology, Chief Uche Nnaji, disclosed this while interacting with the press to discuss the strategic implications, promise, and readiness for Implementation of Presidential Executive Order No. 5.

According to the Minister, the Presidential Executive Order No. 5 is a visionary and transformative policy designed to drive innovation, promote science and technology, and catalyze the country’s economic diversification, technological advancement, promotion of domestic and foreign investments, reduce dependence on foreign goods and the strain on the Naira, facilitate massive job creation and industrial growth.

He said the order aligns with and catalyzes the 8-point Renewed Hope Agenda of the President, Bola Tinubu-led administration as it seeks to closely monitor and promote the capacity of Nigerian professionals and contractors in science, engineering, and technological programmes to compete with their counterparts globally.


Chief Nnaji expressed worries that even though Nigeria is rich in human and largely unexplored natural resources, youth unemployment remains a massive challenge as the country constantly exports domestic jobs by importing many products that could be produced locally.

These challenges, the Minister, says Presidential Executive Order No. 5 addresses by providing support for Made-in-Nigeria Goods and Services, the development of homegrown capability, and the capacity to maintain, redesign, reproduce, rededicate, and duplicate any infrastructure built in Nigeria for self-reliance and development.


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