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Catholic Bishops hold first 2022 plenary in Abuja

Princess-Ekwi Ajide,  Abuja

The Catholic Bishops Conference of Nigeria has commenced its plenary for the year with a call on Nigerians to tow the path of building human fraternity and sustainable peace in the country.

In his opening remarks, the President of the Bishops Conference and the Bishop of Benin, Archbishop Obiora Akubeze, said they will use the few days of the Conference, to examine ways that can lead to human fraternity and give sustainable peace in Nigeria.

He reminded that all Nigerians come from the same stock, therefore, share the same societal pain and joy and as such, all hands must be on deck for a sustainable peace to reign in Nigeria.

The Archbishop noted that even though we have failed as individuals, by allowing corruption to deprive man of good life that God has given, allowing insecurity and criminality to thrive, we run away from the individual failure to God by blaming the government of the day.

He urged Nigerians to get their PVCs and vote for the person of their choice as people get the government they deserve.

President Buhari, who had addressed the Conference through a representative, the minister of women affairs, Dame Pauline Tallen, asked them to continue to pray for him and for the goodof the country

Earlier in a homily at the mass that preceeded the opening ceremony, the Archbishop of Abuja, Archbishop Ignatius Kaigama, urged the 50m catholics in Nigeria to be positive agents of change politically.

According to him, there’s need for attitudinal change in all spheres and jettison the practice where merit is relegated to the background and mediocrity, favoritism and tribalism are allowed to thrive.

Archbishop Kaigama, urged the Federal Government to work towards overcoming evil with good for the benefit of the masses.


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