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Happy birthday to Lydia, an Amazon

By Augustine Agwulonu

Ground resounding happy birthday to Lydia of our time

ThIs lady is a special creature,  specially designed, made and created by the Creator.

Blessed with an average height., carved with a face so alluring., crafted with a dental arrangement so appetizing to all men and women., born with a swirling and curve that can break necks., and for those who love it slim and simple with tell legs, then Lydia the heart of love is a gift to many.

You see, at a far distance, you may be deluded that Lydia the heart of love is just like any other lady out there. No. She is absolutely not. She is a master of her own time – very sagacious, ever hard working and an outright team player to the brim.

Oh my God! I love this Ogojah stallion. Her voice can be lovely and can also be lambasting. Her small eyes sees cool and hot matters just as her causcuaian nose points at you like a lover begging for lipstick stamp on your shoulder. Yet, she works for her money.

This amazon is rare in the society,  humbly blessed with  bundle of potentials, a role model and ambassador of human capital development.

What can I give to this all important role model specially designed by the creator.  All I can say is that favour is written about you, may you be favoured in Jesus Name. Love is written about you may you be loved in Jesus name. Happiness is written about you, may you be happy throughout your life time. Celebration is written about you, may you be celebrated in Jesus name. Divine security is written about you, may you be divinely protected in Jesus Name. I decree and declare all round miracles upon you in Jesus Name. I decree Solomonic anointing of blessings, wealth and prosperity upon your life. The blessings and anointing of Esther will follow you. The glory of God will overshadow you, your going out and your coming in will be bless. You will be a lender and not a borrower. Divine longevity upon you. Amen. Happy birthday to you amazon and a heart of love.


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