Home News Mixed reactions trail Tinubu ‘s outburst

Mixed reactions trail Tinubu ‘s outburst

Mixed reactions trail Tinubu ‘s outburst

ByPrincess-Ekwi Ajide Abuja

For many days now, the social media has been awash with comments attributed to one of the ruling All Progressives Congress, APC’s, presidential aspirants and a former Governor of Lagos State, Asiwaju Bola Tinubu, when he went for campaign in Abeokuta, Ogun State .

It was alleged that in the course of his address he went as far as mentioning what transpired between him and president Muhamadu Buhari many years ago. Report has it that he went as far as telling his audience how Buhari went to him, even prostrating in tears, begging him to endorse him for the presidency

Reacting to the development, the National Chairman of APC, Abdulahi Adamu, described the statement as insulting, and unbecoming for a person of his standing to do that to a sitting president produced by the votes of APC.

According to the National Chairman, “it is amazing how a fellow APC person to make that kind of comments about the president. We take exception to this and this doesn’t show any appreciable level of respect for the office of Mr President and the person of Mr President therefore, we want to make it public that we are saddened about the audio and video in that reportage and we condemn it in the strongest terms for those of APC extraction to make these kind of unbecoming comments”

He said even though he,(Tinubu) has been making efforts to retract the statement, that effort is not adequate as it does not wipe out the impression that event has left in people’s minds saying that as the chairman of the ruling party, he has a duty to come out and stand by the government.

Senator Adamu, said, the action is not justifiable or for whatever reasons for him to make those statements especially as at the time the event took place the screening committee had not submitted its report so the question punitive measure may apply

Contray to reports, the chairman stated that no aspirant has been disqualified hence president Buhari had invited them all to the villa for dinner.

The Chairman also disclosed that statutory delegates will not vote at the special convention of the party scheduled for Monday 6th June.

For the former Director General of PGF, Salihu Mohammed Lukman it is unfortunate Tinubu made those statements but it is his right to express his frustration and should be recognised as such.

He noted that nobody, no matter the position can use it against him unless the party follows due process through the right organs of the party to discuss it.

According to him, the opinion expressed by the National chairman Adamu was his personal opinion and it is his own right to present it to any organ of the party for consideration adding that until that opinion is adopted by organs of the party, it cannot be considered as the position of party.


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