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Experts Proffer Solutions To Ending Nigeria’s Health Challenges

Experts Proffer Solutions To Ending Nigeria’s Health Challenges

Princess-Ekwi Ajide

Reports say Nigeria has 85% of the global disease burden with less than 2% health workers to tackle the problem.

This experts say can change for the better if government jettison ideas from international health bodies or subject their ideas to scrutiny, add own values  to whatever such organisations bring.

Speaker after speaker at a press briefing on Nigeria’s health sector restructuring and repositioning strategies initiative convened by AMWE foundation in Abuja, called on the present administration to give the health sector a closer attention to reduce medical tourism and brain drain.

According to the Chief Consultant Physician and Cardiologist at the Defence Medical Centre Abuja, Retired Major General Life Ajemba, poor state of healthcare in Nigeria are occasioned by inadequate funding, industrial action, brain drain, among others.

For the Medical Director, International Human Rights Protection Service, Dr. Zainab Suleiman, citizens will fare better if hospitals are established closer to the people as practical path for sustainable quality healthcare for Nigerians.

Earlier, the convener, Usman Isah, had unveiled the various challenges of the health sector in Nigeria to include unfavourable government policies, inadequate facilities, lack of quality hospital facilities, lack of trust and accountability, poor transportation system and poor capacity building for health workers

Isah, said if these challenges are tackled, there will be availability of treatment facilities, treatment will be affordable and every citizen will have access to medical care and the hospitals will be trusted more.

The briefing among other things, explored the most ideal and practical solution for the Nigeria health sector as part of efforts to enhance the wellbeing of Nigerians.


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