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Irete Community Celebrates 2024 Igba Nta Cultural Festival In Style

By Eze Amaeshi

The annual Igba nta cultural festival of the Irete autonomous community of Owerri west LGA which, among others, is a traditional platform for promoting peace, unity and love, has been celebrated with fanfare across the entire community .

The event which took place on Saturday, June 29 commenced with a church service at the Holy Family Catholic church, Irete, in which the community was once again dedicated to God.
One of the attractions of the event was the presence of the chief priest of Ala deity Onyeishiala Kelechi Ekwelibe in the church for the first time and his participation with the rest of the people in celebrating the cultural festival. Since the festival was revived in 2015 following the coronation of HRH Eze Ethelbert Ekwelibe (Agubiam 1) by the immediate past Archbishop of Owerri diocese, Bishop A.J.V. Obinna in 2013 and the revival of the festival in 2015, the chief priest, Onyeishiala Kelechi Ekwelibe had always celebrated the Igba nta cultural festival apart from the traditional ruler and others due to differences in perception.

One of the highlights of the event was the chieftaincy title conferred on three illustrious sons of the community before the commencement of the event.
The chairman of the occasion, Mr. Philian Chima Duru who was represented by the Vice President General/Home branch chairman of the Irete Community Development Union (I.C.D.U), Sir Uzoma Iwuala, congratulated the leaders and people of Irete Community for sustaining the age- old tradition of the forefathers and prayed God to continue to strengthen them.

The traditional ruler of Irete autonomous community, Eze Ethelbert Ekwelibe expressed his joy at the new development in the community in which the Onyeishiala now celebrated the festival with the rest of the community and even attended the church service held to mark the event.

Speaking to newsmen after the event, the Vice President General of Irete Community Development Union (I.C.D.U), Sir Uzoma Iwuala noted that the festival was organized by the I.C.D.U. ably led by its President General, Sir Chidume Uzozie, the traditional ruler and the Onyeishiala, adding that it was the first time all the institutions of leadership and administration in the community came together in unity of purpose.

Sir Iwuala observed that the cultural festival was also a celebration of their forefathers and their achievements.

The Home branch chairman also observed that the young people of the community had been showing interest in matters relating to the culture and traditions of the community and urged everyone to .join hands in upholding the age- old tradition of their fathers .


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