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How Akagburuonye’s Thanksgiving Service Lifted Souls For David Dance

From Everest Ezihe, Abor Mbaise

Last Sunday, the Assemblies of God Church Ogbor Uvuru in Abor Mbaise Local Government Area of Imo State was spirit filled with thanksgiving soul melting praises and worship songs, as the congregation spontaneously danced out of the church hall to outside the church gate led by Barr. Success Obioma Akagburuonye as they systematically danced the biblical David dance.

It was a well attended thanks giving service with dignitaries all-over the country in honour of the immense goodness of God in the life of Akagburuonye and his family.

The church service was officiated by Bishop Simeon Njoku of Assemblies of God Church, Abuja District and assisted by the resident pastor, Rev.Charles Obasi, with litany of other visiting high profiled men of God.

The choir’s melodious worship songs, thanksgiving and praises electrified the congregation with spirit filled as they were thrilled into auto cruise spiritual realm of ecstasy of happiness, with Rev Emmanuel and Apostle Lazarus of the ancient of days Voice of The Cross, melodious christian songs fame oozing out emotionally ridden songs of theirs.

It’s an everlasting day to remember as Rev. Dr. Chidi Okoroafor, the former Supritendent General of Assemblies of God Church Nigeria with his beautiful wife preached a sound sermon anchored on Luke 17 vs 17.

Okoroafor said that his attendance to the ceremony with his dear wife is for them to be a partaker in glorifying God for His goodness in the lives of Akagburuonye, whose wealth he described as “divinely rooted and blessed”.

He cautioned christians against romancing with occultic societies and mammon’s so as to be wealthy and protective, noting that such wealth and protection gives everlasting miseries as against the riches of God and His protection, that bears no pain nor sorrow.

According to him, God is interested in 360 degrees wealth, thus his spirit filled preaching triggered many persons to voluntarily surrendered their lives to God in total submission and repentance.

He also prayed to God for his protection to all the workers of Akagburuonye for God’s grace to be upon them.

Anchoring his sermon on the biblical book of Luke 17 vs 17, that centred on the parable of the divine healing of the 10 lepers in which only one who’s a Samaritan, came to appreciate God with loud praises and spirit filled thanks giving and Jesus Christ asked, where you not 10 ? Where are the 9 others ?, and in appreciation God made his cleansing healing whole.

He told the congregation on the need to see God as the final bus stop for their problem solutions describing God Almighty as the mighty man in battles and enjoined them never to relent in worshipping and honouring Him.

The Servant of Most High God also advised the brethrens never to join ungrateful generation that despite God’s goodness in their lives, will at the end despise God by giving His glory to man and man made gods noting that Almighty God is jealously interested in His children’s praises and thanks giving.

He also cautioned against distractions and arrogance in the household of God, stressing that it’s only Almighty God that owns the church and the congregations.

Okoroafor reiterated the need for çlergymen to shun frowning their faces while worshipping God as such act, he pointed out scares away people especially the youths in the household of God, insisting that God is merciful and just.

Responding, Akagburuonye popularly known as Akaraugo Mbaise who’s also the founder and financier of Hope Rising for Imolites an affiliate of Global Supports Initiative, a non governmental organization’s platform he uses for philantropic gestures to humanity.

He expressed gratitude to God for keeping his mother( Nwafor ) alive and healthy even when she is above 100 years and also for God keeping him alive to appreciate Rev. Emmanuel Kanu and Rev. Esike Sunday Nwachukwu for their contributions in his reformatory up bringing as he is philantropically building ultra modern 3 bedrooms flat for each of them at their ancestral choice places.

While also given a historical narrative of his growing up as a stubborn person, that caused his mother pains, sorrows and regrets but God reformed him as a child of destiny, urging parents not to disregard their stubborn children as they may be an instrument for the family greatness and championing God’s works.

He also appreciated God for making it possible for him to be alive and brought Brother Lazarus and Brother Emmanuel of Voice of The Cross melodious christian songs fame as that is his age long desire, he nursed over 30 years ago when he meet them in Kano planning for their American trip.

Akagburuonye informed the excited congregation that he’s planning a mega one week celebration for the dedication of the first ever built 10,000 sitting capacity Noah Ark Church Worship Auditorium, he is solely and philantropically building for Assemblies of God Church, Ogbor Uvuru, his ancestral church and that a former President of Nigeria has assured him to be part of the team that will Commission the project and its dedication before the end of the year l.

He charged members of Assemblies of God Church to be proud of the church, because God is giving Himself honour as He God through the church is raising army generals for Himself and in all endeavours of life.

The Philanthropist informed that he has for over two years now documented his life activities including his 20 years legal battle with the Federal Government and nobody has come out to dispute a paragraph of it.

He lamented that after 20 years of legal battle with the Federal Government and his detractors over seizure and illegal demolition of his landed properties in Abuja in which God gave him overwhelming legal victory that he was shocked that Senator Nyesom Wike, the present Minister of Federal Capital Territory, Abuja in March this year without any justification and despite court restraining injunction order, ordered for revocation of 23 of the choice properties, simply because of an alleged envy, jealousy and his endemic hatred to Igbo race in Nigeria.

He thanked God that the frustrating incident happened while he was in London for medical vacation, “if not,there would have been a lot of misconceptions from the stakeholders and developers who have invested billions in the estates and have implicit confidence in his business relationships”.

“They were calling me to come back immediately, but I said, God who helped me to fight and won the battle few years ago is still on the throne, because I believe that in life, you cannot help God”.

He said it point blank,that troubled heart cannot sleep except with two reasons, “that God is in control and that he or she is in a protective custody”.

He gave testimony how one, Chief Charles Ahize ( Charlie Akpuruka) was introduced to him to interface for him in the recent land matter and God is using him mightily to address the injustice as they have won most of the cases against the Minister.

Chief Charles Ahize ( Charly Akpuruka) expressed gratitude to God for making him to know the celebrant, noting that he has similar stubborn up bringing like him.

Ahize pointed out that, his life has been guided by three principles of life in which his mother indoctrinated him into, these he said includes ” on no account should he shield blood, never he offend humanity to an extent the person will grievously place curses on him and finally, he should never bear false witness against any person in life”

He opined that Akagburuonye recruited him recently as a business consultant with an agreement for payment for the services he is rendering, but seeing Akagburuonye as a man of implicit divine destiny and man of the people like him, that he’s spiritually compelled to drop the agreement and optimally render the services free, without seeking or entitled to any payment or benefit.

Ahize further informed that Igbo nation in the present dispensation has a common enemy in Nigeria leadership due to envy, pettiness and jealousy and that Akagburuonye is unfortunately a victim of that ethnicity transferred hatred and enjoined him not to give up in his God giving upliftment.

Akagburuonye’s lawyer also told the congregation how Senator Nyemso Wike as the current Minister of Abuja Federal Capital Territory out of ethnic hatred went all out recently to demolish Akagburuonye’s legally acquired prime properties in Abuja despite court order restraining his actions, but God in His infinite mercy has disgraced him through court judgements that have now compelled the Federal Government to hand over the properties and restore the demolished ones as they were to the owner with an immediate effect.


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