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Land grabbing: Tension heightens in Mgbidi over plot  to dispossess  Police officer of inheritance

By Reginald Oloko 
Tension  is speedily building  up in Ugbele Mgbidi Community ,Oru West following a hatched  plot to dispossess  a 38 year old serving Police Inspector,  Augustine Odidika  and his relatives of their landed inheritance.
It was gathered that a group led by Dr.Alloy Ikegwuoha is not relenting in it’s effort to suppress, humiliate and undo Inspector Augustine Odidika and his cousins to ensure patrimonial land turns to be a general land for Umuokanumee village.
It will be recalled that barely seven years Augustine’s cousins namely Azubuike Ireozor and Amajioyi Ireozor were whisked  away by SARS to Abuja on false accusation of armed robbery, kidnapping and murder by Dr. Alloy Ikegwuoha’s group , the aforementioned group recently petitioned against Inspector Augustine Odidika and his group to zone 9 where they were incarcerated for three days on a matter the Deputy Inspector General of Police Force Headquarters had earlier detailed Commissioner of Police, Imo state command to look into.
However reliable information  has  it that the inheritance of Okanumee had been shared among his  three principal sons  -;Eluoka, Nwasiri, and Ozurumba who invariably turned out to be the  three kindreds Umueluoka, Umunwasiri and Umuozurumba  that presently make up Umuokanumee village. According to the information other kindreds had possession and were farming on their lands even as Umunwasiri were farming on Isingwu Nwasir Ireozor till Umuochie a neighbouring village entered into Umunwasiri’s portion of land.
As a result of the encroachment, prolonged litigations ensued out between Umunwasiri and Umuochie. Sensing dwindling finance to continue with the litigations Umunwasiri begged the other two brother kindreds Umuozurumba and Umueluoka for support.
The sources went to state that since the entire Umuokanumee village could not task themselves immediately but were waiting to sell their general land the kindred beckoned on their son Hon. JoeFrank  of blessed memory who shouldered the bill and the appeal went in their favour.
While JoeFrank was alive Umueluoka and Umuozurumba never entered into the land even he stopped their attempt to enter into the land while on sick bed.
Speaking to journalists, Dr. Alloy Ikegwuoha maintained that the said land it is a general land which he said Augustine Odidika, Jude Odidika, Amajioyi Ireozor and Azubuike Ireozor have forcefully entered into.He said the village of Umuokanumee is one.
In a phone call Inspector Augustine Odidika emphasized that every kindred has its own personal land apportioned to them by the forebear Okanumee. According to him the piece of  land in contention is where the Nwasiri was buried and was the personal portion of Umunwasiri. He vowed never to allow his inheritance become general property and called on the appropriate authorities to wade into the matter to ascertain the truth since Dr. Alloy Ikegwuoha’s group has refused to appear before the traditional ruler of mgbidi autonomous Community but resorted using their connection to harass and subdue the Nwasiri’s family.


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