Home News NAF Decimates Several Terrorists In 2 Air Strikes 

NAF Decimates Several Terrorists In 2 Air Strikes 

NAF Decimates Several Terrorists In 2 Air Strikes

Princess-Ekwi Ajide  Abuja

The Nigeria Air Force, NAF, says the Air Component of Operation Hadin Kai’s two major air strikes on 8 November and 11 November 2023, led to the decimation of several terrorists taking cover at Ajigin and Banki Junction areas located in Borno State.

The air interdiction missions conducted on terrorists enclaves situated at 1.9km South of Ajigin on 8 November 2023 were aimed at clearing the remnant of terrorists and making them come to terms that their efforts at causing mayhem and disunity among law-abiding Nigerians are efforts in futility.

The terrorists, who had earlier perfected plans to attack friendly troops’ location around Damboa and Wajiroko had hidden 4 gun-trucks under thick shrubs which 3 of them were struck during the air strike, as evidenced by the thick black smoke and fire from the trucks after the strike, while the last gun-truck was observed fleeing the scene of the strike.

The truck was subsequently tailed for about 26 Km and it thereafter disappeared under a tree but was subsequently struck and observed to be on fire with no sign of movement at the location.

A statement by the Director of Public Relations and Information, Nigerian Air Force, Air Commodore Edward Gabkwet, said the destruction of the 4 gun trucks, along with its occupants, effectively degraded the capability of the terrorists to attack friendly forces and locals within the area.

The statement said, Air interdiction missions were also conducted at a location 7km East of Banki Junction well-known to be terrorists’ enclave hitherto deserted but suddenly became active with high terrorists’ activities and used as logistics storage area and staging area to attack troops locations on 11 November 2023.

This the statement was why the need to attack the location became necessary, and NAF aircraft were scrambled to interdict the location.

The terrorists have continued to feel the firepower of both the air and ground forces and aftermath of the strike revealed the destruction of the location with the logistics sites on fire.

The statement noted the air and ground troops, should be commended as the inability of the terrorists to move freely and at will is also attributed to the effectiveness of the operational jointness exhibited by them.


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