Home News Indecent Dressing An Act Of Rebellion –Rev Vitalis Nwanne

Indecent Dressing An Act Of Rebellion –Rev Vitalis Nwanne

Indecent Dressing An Act Of Rebellion –Rev Vitalis Nwanne

By ThankGod Emeh

As the world changes and degenerates in all ramification, especially as it concerns trends of materialism which includes sense of clothing among others.

The Senior Pastor of Assemblies of God Church, Umudibia Nekede in Owerri East District, Rev. Vitalis Nwanne, has condemned indecent dressing in its totality, describing it as an act of rebellion to God and the family of God.

Nwanne while making reference to Proverbs 7:10-11 at a church function on Sunday September 17, 2023 chargcd Christians to dress responsibly at all times especially while appearing in the presence of God, noting that “the way one dresses determines how he or she is addressed”.

“Indecent dressing is countercultural to our sociocultural values when compared with the days of our Fathers and Mothers when dressing as a prime component of culturc is stricily enforced”

The Man of God rebuked the name “Slay Queen and Slay King” popularly used amongst people in society, stating that “to slay” is to kill, seduce, distract, confuse and all worth not; hence ought not be heard among children of God, and in the presence of God.

“The Church being the gathering of the “Called Out”, the Body of Christ is a decent place for decent lifestyle including dressing.

Indecent dressing which aims at exposing and exhibiting Privatc Parts of the human body is a dent on the dccency of the Church; as such, must be resisted in love (Agape)”

He said, “the moment you wake up to come to church, What should come to your mind, is how to appear responsibly to honour God”

“If you are born again, it will transform your wardrobe (dressing), mode of eating, walking, talking and more”

Nwanne stressed that the wide saying that “worshipping and serving God is in the heart” is pure fallacy, adding that out of the abundance of the heart, the sincere “heart” in question should be evident in physical outlook.

The leader of the church however decried the unwarranted dress codes rampant among youths such as sagging, mini clothes in the name of modelling and following trends, describing it as “prisoner’s wears” who could not afford clothing.

He said nakedness is private and supposed to be honourably hidden just as treasures such as Gold, Diamond and other precious stones are hidden under rocks, beneath the earth and not open to everyone except through intentional discovery.

Rev. Nwanne noted that it is only right for a woman’s nakedness to be discovered by her husband and vice versa.

“There is no need closing the doors and windows to dress up as a lady and still come out naked” he concluded.


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