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Imo PDP Stakeholders disagree on reconciliation committee … Say it’s misguided

By Austin Agwulonu

A group, Imo PDP Critical Stakeholders have disagreed on the reconciliation committee setup by those against the progress of the party it state and said it was misguided.
The group see the reconciliation committee as nothing but a carricature, affront and a slap on the party in the state.
In a letter addressed to the Chairman, Peoples Democratic Party, PDP and State Working Committee and signed by Chief Eric Ofodirinwa (Mmanwu Awo)For & on behalf of Critical Stakeholders, Imo PDP, the group stated the entire exercise was misguided and just playing to the gallery. According to them, ” It is a frolicking jamboree that ought to be jettisoned and scrapped forthwith in the overall interest of the Imo PDP’.

See full details of the letter below

The Chairman,
Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, State Working Committee,
Okigwe Road, Owerri,
Imo State.


Imo PDP’s Misguided Reconciliation Committee

It has come to our notice that there is a monstrous reconciliation committee purportedly setup ostensibly for the advancement as well as promotion of peace among our members in the Imo state PDP.
The fact of the matter is, that this so called reconciliation committee is nothing but a caricature and an affront, even a slap, on our great party. To say the least, the committee is a kangaroo of sorts as it was conceived out of nothingness. It is a contrived plot to further balkanize, as well as dismember our high flying Imo State chapter of the PDP.
For the avoidance of doubt, and for record purposes, the Imo State PDP is by all barometers strong, united and working in harmony. All activities have always strictly been carried out based on the party’s constitution and extant guidelines. Thus, the reconciliation committee is baseless and needless as there are no issue(s) in the party currently warranting this concoction called reconciliation committee.
As far as party matters are concerned, reconciliation committee is created when there are sensitive issues threatening the existence and purposes of the party. Evidently, there are no such issues in our party right now. The State Working Committee and the State Executive Committees are working harmoniously and cooperatively. There are no known factions, there is only one candidate of the party for the November 11, 2023 election, neither are there any matters in court. In fact, the party is in a perfect condition, with no crisis of any kind. The conclusion therefore is, there are apparently no aggrieved members. So, why the reconciliation committee?
Moreover, with the humongous number of 72 members, the reconciliation committee is invariably unwieldy and in-operable. The reconciliation committee as constituted, has all the trappings of a harmful agent that will certainly harm our great party at the end of the day, if allowed to stay a day longer, by injecting division where none exists.
Surprisingly, and this is another festering sore to the sordid drama, most members of this hastily scrambled reconciliation committee are unaware of their membership of the body. They were neither priorly consulted before their appointment nor were they briefed even after their names had been published. This is even as the terms of reference therein are unstructured and ambiguously defined.
A note in the creation of this reconciliation committee mandated it to reconcile “aggrieved members”. Who are these aggrieved members of Imo State PDP, if we may ask?
Finally, we as elders and Critical Stakeholders of the party in the state, see the entire exercise as just playing to the gallery. It is a frolicking jamboree that ought to be jettisoned and scrapped forthwith in the overall interest of the Imo PDP.


Chief Eric Ofodirinwa (Mmanwu Awo)
For & on behalf of Critical Stakeholders, Imo PDP.
May 16, 2023


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